Art Chain! (Part 4)

The following is the fourth part of an art chain between @the-lonely-kiddo and I. An art chain is kind of like a roleplay, but in comic form.

Oh and, language disclaimer.

And that’s that part~

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#Dancerproblems//Diary Of A Daydreamer Blog Tour

You’ve gotten really, really good at doing hair though!

Taking the Cake

Greetings and salutations!

Did I ever tell you I’m a dancer?

I did? Really? Well, did I ever tell you that Emmie is a dancer, too? And that she’s launching her very own personal blog this week?

Enter Diary Of A Daydreamer!

(first of all, let’s take a moment of silence to appreciate the gorgeousness of this header)

At Diary of a Daydreamer, Emmie shares her ideas, stories, tips, tutorials, lifestyle, songs, creations, and daydreams. On this blog, every Saturday you’ll find posts about blogging, dance, fashion, music, lifestyle, writing, and art! 

(who’s excited for Saturdays?!)

Personally, I get happy, excited vibes from just looking at all her beautiful featured images. They all have ballerinas and pointe shoes! what’s not to like?

Which brings us back to my original topic-dancing!

One of my favorite posts that I do on TTC are my #bloggerproblems posts. It’s about time for another one, but today…

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A new ask

“…I can’t stand by and watch her die… not again.”

I’m am SO proud of that second panel. Sorry I don’t post much over here, I’ve been keeping busy with my art chain (as you can see). But remember, my ask box is always open! (Go to my home page and up top you should see a page that says “Ask Feathers and/or Eclipse!”)