It’s My Sister’s Birthday!

It’s my sister, Little Killer‘s, birthday today! Everyone go to her YouTube channel and comment nice things.

This is an old, old comic. (By which I mean I did it a month ago.) it’s a short scene from an rp between myself, Ninja_Thunder, and Little Killer. I’ve got a bunch of these in my folder for ideas, but haven’t had the chance to do any of them. But gosh, this is so old. I did not know what I was doing, like, at all. I didn’t know proper coloring technique, nor how to use layers and clipping groups to my advantage. It took so. long. Like, a ridiculous amount of time when I consider how fast I can turn out pages for The Dove. Anyway, happy birthday, and I love you.

Caterpillar belongs to Little Killer
Nitlo belongs to Ninja_Thunder



Quick update for you all, you won’t be hearing from me until Monday night, as I am visiting @fortytwoish! I do have The Dove update scheduled for 4:00pm EST this Saturday, so look out for that!

The Dove- Page 1

The Dove- Page 01

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Here it is. And about 15 minutes early, at that. I did not realize how difficult it is to make a comic prior to this, there are so many extra steps. But dang, I’m proud of it. I know I probably won’t be in a couple months, but for now this is good enough for me. My current goal is one page a week, which should be achievable, but I’ll have to play it by ear. Any feedback on the format is appreciated, literally my only source for this is a YouTube video I watched and said “Sounds legit.”

Also, this comic takes place pre Feathers/Eclipse, and is a major part of the lore of my world. As @fortytwoish knows, I already have the entire lore and backstory of my world written out in a Google Doc, but this way is more fun. After I’m done I might end up releasing the full story form, or not. Let me know what you guys think.

Although, Feathers does know some things about the events here, so feel free to ask him and Eclipse.

Cajo belongs to @phoenixphaedrana (me)
Alphys belongs to Toby Fox

Look what I found

Cajo flowers! Well, not really. They’re actually the blossoms of a Tulip Poplar. I was on my run yesterday, and these caught my eye. Having played around with Cajo’s colors for hours in Krita, I can see these are almost exactly the same color as him. Cool, aye? I’m still on track to have my project done tomorrow, it’ll just be a little tight.

Here’s Another Character!

This is maybe my favorite OC, excluding Feathers and Eclipse, of course. I’m really happy with his design, especially his color scheme. I’m already probably about half way done with the first part of my next major project, and this one will be long running.

Myhro belongs to @phoenix-phaedrana (me)

Happy (Late) Mother’s Day

“Umm, someone asked me to deliver these to you…”
“…Someone really cares about you.”

Don’t worry, I had this on Mother’s Day for my mom, I was just too lazy to upload. Her comment upon seeing it was “That is the cutest skeleton I have ever seen.” which made me very satisfied. My mom has played some UT, I got it for her on Christmas, but she hasn’t completed it. I guess I just felt like drawing some Beats when I wanted to draw the comic? I’m not sure.

I’ve actually had this done for quite awhile, more than a month. I’m not totally satisfied with the coloring, but overall I like it. That moment you realize you inverted the colors on your sona. That phoenix is meant to represent me. I guess she’s my persona now, that makes sense. She is meant to be mostly orange with red wingtips/head feathers, as seen in my watermark.

Beats belongs to Phaunicer
Phaedrana belongs to @phoenixphaedrana (me)