Here’s a little something I’ve been working on for some weeks now! Some original characters! (Yay)! If you’d like to meet my new children, this is where you can do it! (Don’t worry, there’ll be more of these in the future in addition to more Feathers and Cobalt stuff)

There’s a disclaimer in the work itself, but it bears repeating here.

this does deal with an abused child. The abuse is NOT sexual in nature, but he is emotionally manipulated and physically harmed. Please only proceed if that’s something you are ok with.

Huh ok so question…

Umm, I’m gonna start writing some short stories surrounding a little group of my own original characters; The Nighthawks! But here’s the problem. It’s not fan fiction, meaning it can’t go on AO3. Does anyone have any suggestions? If not I guess I’ll just copy/paste the text into a post, but that’s a pain bc I have to reformat and stuff.