If I may have your attention a moment

I finally ended up (Through a really random set of circumstances) making an email account separate from my personal. This doesn’t mean a lot for most people, since the process of switching emails was simple for WordPress, Discord, and Tumblr. (And don’t worry Tumblr peeps, I’m gonna keep going like I’ve been reblogging every other freaking thing on my dash, so you won’t see a content dip or smth.)

The only thing this majorly effects (other than my sanity) is Youtube. Here’s my new YouTube channel, as yet empty (a speedpaint will go up probably tomorrow)

Thanks for your time! ^w^


Viva La Fiesta is over!

And I had so, so much fun. It’s like, actually the most fun I’ve had roleplaying in foreverrrr

That being said… Feathers will soon return and he has more emotional baggage! (yay!)

(He also may or may not be somehow more suicidal than before.)

I checked with everyone to make sure it was cool to make the stuff that happened canon, so we’re all set! But, I would suggest maybe being slightly sensitive to him for awhile XD.

I won’t say more, you’ll have to find out yourselves~

(Also I need tissues and puppy pictures bc I have been RUINED by something that happened)

Hello everyone!

I recorded a video! Look at me, all jumping on the MC bandwagon XD (actually it was my sis’ idea, blame her)

Watch it, maybe

but be sure to check out my bro, Ninja_Thunder, who edited this for me! (he’s amazing. I didn’t give him any instructions for editing and he made it amazing)

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A Dark Vengeance

Ok, before we get into this I’ve got disclaimers. First of all, major character death(s). Second, this is the most angsty story I have written to date and I was actually somewhat hesitant to upload without reworking the ending, but here we are.

So grab your favorite cuddly animal and lets dive in.

Word count: 542

Birds sang blithely in the trees. Nearby a stream could be heard rushing, and occasionally a woodpecker drummed his rhythm. But betraying the peaceful atmosphere, below the trees, in a clearing, two cats were facing opposite each other. And one of them was terrified.

    “Where is he?” Featherclaw forced his voice to stay calm. 

“I-I don’t know!” Sobbed the apprentice. “P-please, d-don’t hurt me!”

Featherclaw took a step forward. The smaller cat was now backed up against a tree. As he turned around to negotiate the obstacle, Featherclaw struck, pinning him to the ground.

“This is your last chance.” his demeanor of calm slipped, and the apprentice saw the unreasoning fury in the older cat.

Featherclaw saw the apprentice would tell him nothing. He thought for a minute, then smiled as something occurred to him.


    Hawk moved quickly between the trees. Something was wrong. It wasn’t like him to- Then, a yowl of pain split the air. Hawk knew that voice. 

“No.” The word was barely uttered, but it was there. He doubled his pace, still moving silently. Faster, faster! But when he arrived, he froze at what he saw


Featherclaw stood, looking into the eyes of the cat beneath him, and some dark part of him relished in the agony in their depths. Something slammed into his side, knocking him to the ground. Featherclaw smiled.

“I thought that would bring you here.”

Hawk looked desperately at his best friend. It was impossible to tell if he was dead or alive. There was blood, but not too much to give up hope. He paid for his moment of distraction with a rake across the face.

“Maybe I won’t kill you.” Featherclaw had a grim smile. “Maybe I’ll just leave you for crowfood. Just so you can feel an inkling of what I felt.” 

Hawk snarled. “This has gone too far. You’re delusional. It was an accident.

“Foxdung!” Featherclaw swatted at his enemy, who simply side stepped and tried to come under his guard. “And I don’t care, anyway. He’s dead, all because of you.”

Hawk looked darkly at him. He opened his mouth to say something, when the little figure nearby made a slight croaking noise. 


Hawk pushed Featherclaw off and rushed to his friend’s side. His nose searched for the wound. His heart sank when he found it. 

“H-hurts…” Whimpered Brightpaw.

“I… I know.” choked Hawk

Featherclaw sat, allowing Hawk some space. He knew the apprentice could survive that wound if they had a healer, but that didn’t mean he would allow them to leave. Then, Hawk turned back to him.

“Let’s finish this.” Hawk’s voice was monotone. He needed to finish this bastard quickly.

But Featherclaw knew time was on his side. He gave a superior sort of smile.

“At least I let you have some time together. More than you gave me.” 

Hawk lunged for him, his attacks furious. Featherclaw had faced Hawk before, but he realized now that before the other cat hadn’t really been fighting.

At least he will finally know my pain. He’ll always wonder if there was something he could have done.


Hawk turned quickly away from the still form of his enemy, and ran back to Brightpaw’s side. But it was too late. 

I… am so sorry… you can lay 100% of the blame on me for this one…

Featherclaw, Hawk, Brightpaw, and UnderWarriors belong to @crackerqueen-ineedsleep / @under-warriors-blog

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Abyssember #10- Flying to the sky in night time.

Again, weirdly specific, and again, late, but you know what? I don’t care, because I am in love with this thing! I am actually going to set this as my desktop wallpaper. I never set my own art as my backgrounds bc I feel so self conscious about it. Well, I’m making an exception because I designed this with the correct resolution, and to heck with it. Now, I need to sleep.

Oh, I thought of this because Abyss was a large part of what inspired Feathers.

Abyss belongs to @metakazkz

Feathers belongs to @phoenixphaedrana (me)

Abyssember #9- Teasing Error until his explode of rage

Ahafahfajd 30 minutes late I swear-

This prompt was oddly specific, and I felt like torturing myself in every way possible, so here you go! It was gonna be full color but I need sleeeep and don’t want to shade. so, yeah. Goodnight everyone.

Bonus; It’s high res enough for a desktop wallpaper. Y’all have permission if anyone wants to.

Abyss belongs to @metakazkz

Error belongs to @loverofpiggies

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